“After serving on active duty for over 30 years, I really didn’t think I needed a career coach, so I was initially reluctant. However, after speaking with Lisa for the first time, she quickly changed my perspective. Lisa expertly guided me through the process of charting my course and discovering my true core purpose. I found these sessions invaluable and eye-opening.” –CSM (Retired) Vittorio F. DeSouza

As a certified Life Coach, Lisa has worked with organizations and individuals, supporting and empowering them to establish positive beliefs, tap into their inner power and shift their energy towards reaching their highest potential, thus effectively achieving their results in finding richer and more fulfilling lives.  Lisa’s transformational coaching techniques and heart-centered style provide her clients with the tools to create life-altering outcomes.

Lisa discovered her passion for helping people after a traumatic horseback riding accident. During her recovery, Lisa began volunteering at an equine therapy organization for disabled veterans, where she not only experienced incredible encouragement and hope from spending time with veterans and volunteers but also learned to be humble and love her life just as it was.

When Lisa was interviewed by Cheryl Ginnings, radio host of Courage2Overcome, she discussed how she rose above her physical disabilities from the accident, built up her coaching skills, and began sharing her experiences to help others facing trauma or injuries.

She has coached several successful online and in-person groups including working with an online group of individuals from around the U.S. and Canada, guiding them through a book club for transformational speaker Kyle Cease, a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author.

Lisa volunteers at Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center, participating in equine therapy for veterans. She also coaches active duty service members transitioning to civilian life, sponsored through Tech for Troops.

Most recently, Lisa has co-authored a book with 25 other inspiring, entrepreneurial women who share experiences of joy and abundance through their stories of overcoming, determination and gratitude, which became a Best Seller on Amazon.

When accepting this opportunity to work with Lisa, you will learn the proven tools and strategies to make a smooth transition from a military lifestyle to a civilian lifestyle.  

 As you may know, these sessions alone are not going to transform your life. However, if you do the work and use the tools, you will definitely feel a shift in your thinking.  You may feel a bit different, lighter, or happier as this transition takes place. Coaching together will lay a great foundation and plant seeds for success to give you the best chance of growing into the life that you have imagined.

This extraordinary life is waiting for you on the other side of action, but you must be committed to taking these steps and moving forward. You can use these proven, reliable, and repeatable strategies to guide you down the road ahead and help you prepare for dramatic and exciting changes in your life.




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