Master Coach
Personal Transformation

Once upon a time, I lived a life I hated living. Toxic job, toxic relationships, toxic behaviors… I started modifying my diet to a healthier one first, and wondered (and learned) about diet, movement and behaviors.

On my 40th birthday, for what seemed solely a funny thing, I blew four zeroes as candles on my birthday cake. A few months into the 4th floor, I lost my main client and income, and I got a divorce. All actions towards healing, all leaving a vacuum behind. I had already become a therapist, and started practicing those tools and some I had learned from Coaching, to myself. I even wrote a vision board (which I call the Dream Maker now), with all my dream goals.The one thing I had now, was… 

TIME! That’s the gift of being in the middle of the crisis TIME! And very possibly, because of the crisis, a burning desire to LIVE your dreams. And it is right at this time when you can heal yourself from emotional stress by building the life you have always dreamed with living. And I can be your guide. So you can jump-start your healing journey by building the structure to that which seemed impossible. How exciting is that?!

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