Life Stragedy Coach

Angela Conti, Life Strategies Coach And Christian Counseling I started my personal journey as a Life Coach back in 1994 when I found myself on a path of self-discovery. 

After a 4 year divorce that was both emotionally and financially draining, I wanted to help others and make a real difference in peoples lives. As a young single mom I was not sure how best to do this. I first became a Family Law Paralegal as well as Guardian ad Litem for abused and neglected children. 

I worked in both the private sector as well as the State as a Paralegal for the Chief Legal Counsel for the Department of Children and Families. I WANTED TO MAKE A REAL CHANGE I knew that I wanted to do more, so I became a Christian Coach and Counselor in 2010 and shortly after entered the field of Mental Health as a Behavioral Health Coordinator for two Multi-facility Non-Profit Organizations. 

In each of these areas I realized that real change could not take place at the current system levels alone, assistance was needed to help “bridge the gap” within the medical, mental health and legal fields. 

What people truly need to heal are the tools that Life Coaches can teach them to develop, these tools will offer people life long positive solutions for real change. This is why well trained Coaches are so invaluable in today’s world. We are at a point in time that we can either continue to ignore the problem or we can become part of the solution. 

As a Life Strategies Coach, I have been trained in the latest advancements in human potential and neuroscience. These methods have proven success and are used by the world’s most productive people. 

MY MISSION Is to help individuals and families live and overcome many of this world’s challenges. Through my training and heart I will guide you to “re-empower” your life to become the person you were always intended to be. I help train people to use their brain to get what their heart desires. To relieve suffering and bring forth a solid sense of identity so that each individual can be who he or she is meant to be. MY STUDIES INCLUDE: NLP –

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