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Our Mission

At Charlie Mike Life, we like our Veterans, are from all walks of life and many are from around the world. We are first and foremost an American 501(c)(3) Organization. With that, we want every American President to do well for our nation. Often will come the patriotism and love of country no matter who is in charge. We ask that our friends respect that level of Nationalism our Veteran Community will have and show with zero remorse. America’s military men and women have been killed and maimed fighting terrorism all around the globe, making it a safer place for most of the free world’s inhabitants.  

May Charlie Mike Life be that “Safe harbor” to rest and recharge. That “Lighthouse” in a sea of darkness. A place of a much needed and positive feedback and a honest communication when the world seems to have turned its back on you. We will always be an American Veteran Program first. Our nations warriors will always mean more than a political view. They come first in everything we do.

Charlie Mike Life’s coaching program is made up of volunteer coaches. These incredible and selfless people come from all over the world and a majority, are former military members who just want to reach back and help a Veteran up.

Everything we provide to the Veteran or their family member is at no cost.

We speak honestly and bluntly. We are brutally honest with everyone, and we expect the same from you. We expect no sugar coating of any mistakes, ours or yours They are learning points for everyone and will be treated as such.

All of us at Charlie Mike Life, are dedicated about the success of our Veterans, their families, as well as our nation’s Gold and Silver Star families. For our Founder and others this has become their life’s mission!

The mission of Charlie Mike Life is not to be a Mental Health Service Provider. Our services are not meant to be a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment. 

Be sure to speak with your physician or therapist before changing your current treatment plan. If a coach believes you are in crisis and need psychological or medical advice, the coaching will stop immediately, and the Veteran or family member will be referred to an outside professional mental health provider.

Our coaches or staff may be able to provide some resources for medical services to you.   

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