Coaching America's Veteran Community

Your Missions Are Personal Now
Let Us Help You Make Them a Success Too

You are far from alone......

You are part of the largest gang on the planet, the True 1%rs. The United States Military Veteran Community!

Whether you are a Veteran, Spouse or Gold Star Family Member, we will always be by your side to help you "Charlie Mike" for you and your families success!

Here is the reason why our coaches volunteer to help the American Veteran Community:

To say thank you for sacrificing so much for our nation and the world!

To set the example of giving back to those that can truly benefit from their training selflessly.

To gain the experience that only America’s Veteran Community can give them.

Some of our coaches are Veterans who have gone through it just like you!

At Charlie Mike Life
Coaching, America's Veteran Community
Will Always Come First!

Say No to Crisis Mode

Be that success you have always been!





Relationship Building Academy

Relationships and how we communicate in them are at the core of every human contact we have. As you progressed through your military career, even if it was one enlistment, you learned how to get your point across and listen successfully to accomplish the mission. At Charlie Mike Life we help you take those skills you learned and apply them to your life now as a civilian. 

From dealing with loved ones to the stranger you encounter on the street, how you communicate with them will determine the relationship you will have. This also includes the work environment regardless if you are an employee, supervisor or entrepreneur. Getting what you want depends on your relationship and communication skills.

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Gold Star


Veteran Suicide

Charlie Mike Life gives a Veteran Community member hope again! With some incredible coaching from some of the world's best coaches that care about our men and women that served America selflessly!

You can have it
in many much-needed areas such as; Relationships, Career, Transition, or Trauma Recovery

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If you "Almost Served", you can do something for those that did! Donater just $5 or more and make a positive difference in someones life!

Meet The Team

These are the selfless members that are the heartbeat of Charlie Mike Life.

Our Leadership

Chandler Lonergan

Founding Veteran and CEO

US Army Veteran

Jason Matthews

Veteran and Director of Coaching

US Army Veteran

Kelly McGuire

Veteran and Ambassador

US Army Veteran

Some of The World's Best

The Coaches of CML

Angelica Weaver

Master Coach

Cleveland Arrington

Transition and Career

US Marine Veteran

Gerald Vance

Core Energy and Leadership

US Army Veteran

Angela Conti

Life Strategy

Marquis Navarro

Transformative and Exponential

US Air Force Veteran

Rosie Dolan Baker

Executive Mindset and Career

US Army Veteran

Elizabeth Lock

Mindset and Transformation

US Army Veteran

Sheron Adams

Life Motavation

Asztrid Ocasta

Mindset of Success
Military Veteran Spouse

Coaching Testimonials

If you are a coach mentor or have a skill you feel can improve the Veteran Community;

be part of our Team. join today.

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